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August 19, 2017:

Yesterday the Club Cruised  on over to the Eastern shore. Three Corvettes met at Brandywine Crossing and departed at 12:50 thinking we had plenty of time to cross The Bridge then stop for a lite lunch and then on to Hurlock Md and Suicide Bridge. The Bridge was a little slooooow and it took almost another hour. Cut into our lunch stop as we got to the Red Top Bar on Kent Island at 2:45. Stop was good as the service , food and cold beer hit the spot. Leaving Kent Island at 3:30 would give us an hour to get to Crab Cruise destination and yes we made up some time and arrived at 4:20. Boarding was to be at 4:40 so we were cool. However Chuck and Dianne who had to leave later were stuck time wise on the other side of the bridge at this time. With no way to get at dock before cruise time, Dee called to discuss the situation with Suicide Bridge Management that Chuck and Dianne won’t make castoff time. Management came through and arranged for them to be ferried out via speedboat to the cruise in progress. Sure enough, 20 minutes down river our captain stopped the boat and took on 2 more passengers to the cheers of all on board.  They didn’t miss a beat and were only one course late (soup). The entire 3 hour cruise was very pleasant with very good food and all the crabs you can eat. Order of service: drinks, coleslaw, excellent Crab soup, even better sweet corn, fried clams (not a favorite), good fried chicken, and crabs n crabs with a choice of nice deserts.

Last man standing: Steve outlasted the entire boat with his crab picking. Most had desert and were outside checking out the Choptank River and Steve was going strong. Our table was the last to have the brown paper rolled up. Fun time.

Chuck and Dianne in their metal car (no A/C in the 73)

Craig and Dee in the limited edition C4

Steve in is Admiral Blue C5 with Tops OFF because Vickey was touring Scotland’

Jack and Aileen in the 65th anniversary C7 ‘Carbie” It’s first real cruise.



Another successful Dive Cruise engineered by Craig through Charles County on a fine Sunny Sunday. We played our way through 5 Bars, Pubs or Dives with an intense game of Bar Keno by Dee. No one got completely shut out but Chuck was close with only 1 win. Stops included: Ollie’s, Vino’s, Double Eagle, Gold Mine and Babes Boys Tavern. Great job Craig.

Real excitement at The Double Eagle Bar happened when Carrie convinced Gary to buy that 2015 C7 Z51 Night Race Blue from California and proceeded to put a non refundable deposit over the phone AND it was on their Anniversary celebration day.  No, it was not alcohol induced but the culmination of a country wide search for the Night Race Blue C7.

Next event is the May Club meeting on Tuesday  the 2nd at the Red Oak Bistro La Plata. Still some members need to pick up their 2017 T’s.  The North Point HS Car Show on Sunday May 7. Next Cruise-in next to Applebee’s May 10 and the Fredericsburg Lunch/Trolly Cruise May 21.18055663_1418128928284236_6997971798110213920_o18076821_1418061248291004_4544012354956588419_o17991198_1417951678301961_1910938115742786517_n



September Pizza Party at Ledo’s of LaPlata. Great turn out and great picnic substitute in 2016.

August 2016 Lunch Cruise to Colonial Beach and Wilkerson’s Seafood Restaurant where 12 members had very good food and fun doing it. Then on to Ingelside..Oh no ..off to Oak Crest Winery because we like to be spontaneous. Beautiful little winery except on a very dusty road. Again fun for all who came out.


July 2016, Lunch Cruise to Captain Leonard;s Seafood and then to Bert;s for desert.

captain 3captain 8captain 5captain 3 captain 4

March 20 Cruise to Perigeaux Winery for a little taste of St Leonard’s own wine. Very happy group despite the downpour outside.


March 20 Lunch Cruise to The Lighthouse Restaurant, Solomons Island.


December 19, 2015 ( No Pictures-could be scandalous) 

Even though the Christmas Party date was late this year, there was still 13 members attending.

Even though the party started  early at 6 pm we kept Syeve n Vickey up ’till 12:30 am.
Even though there were fewer items of pure food delicacy, all were ‘stuffed’ in the end.
Even though there was plenty to drink, no one went away worse off than at arrival.
Even though there were fewer players, Dee had us hopping laps and playing the ‘Rude and Crude’ card game. Fun
AND Yes, the magical red silk boxers made an appearance with a new entry of Santa Short Shorts that were not tried on. (beware next year)
Special THANKS to Steve n Vickey for hosting the Club’s Christmas Party. Pictures not good enough to show off their fabulous Christmas spirit. (Steve was still installing outdoor lighting after 6pm..real trooper.




Top Golf Loudoun event sponsored by ODCC November 29 2015 .Despite a rainy 40 degree day 6 members of the CCCC joined up with our Virginia Corvette clubs for a great time



NCM Museum in Motion 1-Lap of Kentucky participants with Charles County Corvette Club members Jack n Aileen in their Crystal Red C7. We chased the State Trooper in his Police car all over KY at Vette speed. Wonderful support for the Trooper Island for disadvantage kids.

KY vettes 5620117be0132.image



July 19 Lunch Cruise to The Lighthouse Resaurant in Solomans.

July lunch c 2 July Lunch 1



June 20 Lunch Cruise to The All American Steakhouse, Waldorf with Chuck n Dianne, David Braziel, Craig n Shaila and Jack n Aileen



Cruise-in to Red Oak Bistro in La Plata with 11 members on June 10. Fun, food and conversation.




Cruise to Rosecroft Raceway on May 23 for Horsepower for Horses. Memorial Day Weekend and many members out of town so we only had 5 Corvettes and 8 members who had a great time Eating, Drinking, Betting (not much) and cheering for our favorite nag. This might be a repeat this Fall.

Prime street grill2Prime Stree g 2015

Cruise-in to Prime Street Grill on May 13 with Bonnie, Dickie, Cindy, Craig, Dee, Chuck, Dianne, Aileen and Jack.


The 2015 Dive cruise in pictures with some descriptions just click the picture to advance to each. Great time with 12 members  and one prospective, Mike. Story on the picture of his C6.  Attending members=Craig n Dee ( the ring leaders) they know ALL the best places. Courageous Bonnie n Dickie, David n Peggy for medical advice if needed, Chuck n Dianne in PDG VET, Alan n Theresa who somehow convinced her boss to get out of work and my copilot Cindy, ’cause Aileen had mom duty


North Point HS Car Show May 2015  On a beautiful Warm Sunny day the CCCC with 7 Corvettes supported David’s Kids at NPHS Skills Program. members attending Alan n Theresa, Rich, Joe, David n Peggy, Dickie, Jack n Aileen and of course the Program Leader David Braziel n Susan. Raised a good deal of money for their program that the School Budget won’t cover. Next time we’ll bring a shade tent. There might be a little redness the day after we cooked a little.

April 15 Cruise-in to the Blue Dog Saloon. Check the Facebook for all the picshttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Charles-County-Corvette-Club/87764176765

April 15 Cruise-in to The Blue Dog Saloon Or click here. Attendees: Chuck, Dianne, Cindy, Doug, Fran, David, Peggy, Stephanie, Ed, Aaron, Millie, Craig, Dee, Joe, Steve, Vickey, and Jack. Those who wished they were there> everybody else.


The March 22 Cruise to Fredericksburg with 10 members enjoying the small White Oak Civil War Museum and then on to Brock’s Riverside Grill for a great lunch.

Cruise-in to Thai Flavor Waldorf March 2015When Joe recommended we go to a Thai Restaurant and at subsequent meetings Thai Flavor was picked, I had never done Thai food so I didn’t know what to expect. The 10 members who ventured out enjoyed the food which was very good and of course the company was perfect. Only one Corvette sidestepped the melting puddles and I enjoiyed driving the C7 after such a long absence. Next up the March 22 Lunch Cruise to Brock’s with a Civil War Museum stop along the way.

Winter Cruise February 2015Despite the cold 14* at meetup time with windchill at -5, 12 hearty members went Winter Cruising to Lord Calvert Bowling Ctr. Our host there was a friendly staff led by Tanya. We managed to get 4 games in before the energy ran out. There was some serious competition with Rich taking 1st spot with 512 , 2nd Aaron’s 498 and 3rd Cindy at 464. Single high games Aaron 143, Jack 138, Rich 132, Dee 129, Cindy 125. Facility was perfect for us. Reservations were kept, food good and we had the party strobe lights from noon to 2:30. Shout out to “www.lordcalvertbowling.com

Winter Cruise to Top Golf January 2015– 18 members trying to hit that little white ball and having fun either way. Good food and a few adult beverages. No Corvettes due to weather and parking conditions. Members just have fun either way.

CCCC Christmas Party 2015At Steve n Vickey’s Christmas House and celebrated by 26 members well into the night. Lots of fun, good food and great friends. (click on any picture in Event Galleries to uncover more)

November 16 Lunch Cruise to Cafe des ArtistesDescription of the Ooh La La to follow shortly.

Front Royal Cruise Oct 18/19 More pics getting there and at Luray

Car Museum at Luray Caverns on our Cruise to Front Royal The line was too long for the Cavern so we checked out their Museum

Cruise to Front Royal Our Hotel and Houlihan’s with an overlook on to Blue Ridge Shadows Golf and our expert Server, Courtney.

Front Royal Overnight Cruise Oct 18/19 The Club’s Cruise to Front Royal and the Blue Ridge Mountains was as much fun as last year even with only 10 members. No rain this year probably because Steve couldn’t come. We did find beautiful scenery, a very unusual winery or two, good food and good service by Courtney at Houlihan’s and a rousing game of L-R-C for $3 a game that entertained the entire Hotel for 3 hours (we were a little loud). A substitute for the Drive-in movie that got no interest.  We did not tour the Caverns nor ride on Skyline Drive because there were too many people but we just had fun doing our own thing. There are some pictures but they never truly capture essence of our trip.

Blue Dog Saloon Cruise-in October 15 For a cold rainy night, great turn out by 12 adventurous members and 1 Corvette. Click through for some pics and ‘The Legend’

October Toys for Tots Run..Club first Weather held down the Corvette participation but not the Club Spirit. Well attended by David n Susan, Craig n Dee, Brian n Kim, Craig n Shaila, Theresa and Aileen.

Sept 20 Lunch Cruise and Picnic to Steve n Cindy’s fun time, fabulous menu and a picture perfect day. 14 members enjoyed Steve and Cindy’s hospitality

September Cruise-in at Red, Hot and Blue part 1

Part 2 from R,H & B Sept Cruise-inWhen we got there , the place was deserted so we were able to line up out front at a prime time of 6:30. I think our Corvette display brought  added diners because the place was full at 8:30 when we left. New Members Mark and Barbara attended their first Cruise-in and picked up the Club T-Shirts.

Lunch Cruise to Ingleside Winery and High Tides Restaurant August 17  This was Aaron and Millie’s first Cruise and despite the RAIN had a great time. Guests Mark and Barbara came along to check us out(not really) they were just out of their wine inventory and needed to stock up. Mark’s C5 Vert saw RAIN for the first time? I think they still had fun. Next time I’ll shoot with a camera, phone not that good. We shared with David and Peggy, Craig and Dee, Richard and Linda (fresh off hand surgery) and Jack n Aileen. Wednesday Nights Cruise in to Texas Rib n BBQ TwinKiss had 5 members enjoy fine dining and enjoyable conversations. Weather was Corvette perfect. No cameras present so you’ll just have to imagine the sights. Better yet come on out to the next Cruise-in next month at Red,Hot n Blue and see for yourself. Bonnie, Dickie, RJ, Aileen and Jack, attendees..

Lunch Cruise to the Ruddy Duck at Piney Point MD July 20

Lunch Cruise to the Ruddy Duck at Piney point MD part 2- Port of Leonardtown Winery

Cruise-in at Boston’s Waldorf July 16 American Legion Charity Golf . CCCC was a Silver Level Donor on June 27

Smith Island Lunch Cruise.Cruise to Smith Island was attended by 8 members who braved the perfect weather and had a great time cruising the Bay to Smith Island where we had a fine meal and a leisurely golf cart/bicycle ride around the tiny Island. 

Waldorf Chevrolet Corvette Show June 7

Cruise-in at Blue Grey Brewery May 17

Cruise-in North Point Car Show May 4

Cruise in at Grill 13 Car Show Benefit April 26 April 16 2014 and well attended by 18 members enjoying good food and friends

Additional Galazio Cruise-in views.from April 16

Pictures from 2014 Dive CruiseWe started out at our usual Dive (Starbucks LaPlata) where we gather and discuss the Plan. It makes a nice Corvette display that attracted attention from non Club members who just wanted to check out the cool Vettes. Someday they to will join-hope they do.

Then off we go to our first stop at Phil’s Place, the one with the cool sheds out back. Not much different than the interior. After an inquiry, the barman, possibly owner, said that Phil had passed a couple of years ago and Fran replied “So I guess we just missed him”. This place has a great back yard with 6 horseshoe pits, Corn Hole game, Tree swing and an assortment of stools, benches and tables. Weather perfect,we held court and played the games. Then on to… Jimmie’s Convenience Center. This place has everything from Groceries to package Liquor to a full Bar with Pool and Keno. It was run by one Woman and she handled the place perfectly. Here was the start of our Bar Keno competition that continued through the next 2 stops. Way fun. Ray’s Pier and River’s Edge Restaurant both were a little more upscale. Whereas the first 2 places we were the only patrons, Ray’s and River’s Edge had local Character(s) and we did have a good time entertaining them. They can’t wait ’till the next Cruise. At River’s Edge we finally had a Keno winner. Dee struck the single number and all our money ($120). Shucks. Our last stop was for dinner at El Dorado Restaurant back in LaPlata. White table cloth, nice place-good food (much needed at this point)-and a great finish to a great Cruise. But Phil’s stood out and we vowed to go back during one of their prime times…a new adventure.— at Div

Cruise to Splitsville in Fredericksburg VA Splitsville Feb 2014

Cruise-in to Top Golf Alexandria Va 2014  click for pics    Top Golf Alexandria VA. Good golf, food and lots of spirited fun

2013 Christmas Party

Cruise to Ingelside Winery 2013

Cruise to Killarney House Irish on March 16

David and Peggy’s Poker Run 2013

Cruise up Skyline Drive and Overnight in The Blue Ridge

More pics from the Overnight in the Blue Ridge

Cruise-in Suicide Bridge Restaurant 2013

Cruise-in for our Sponsor’s Re-Grand Opening